Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, it's less than 4 weeks until I depart on this 100-day road trip! I'm pretty overwhelmed by everything I still need to do. Places to crash, CBC radio opportunities, maps, contact printouts, shows (i need shows!), sponsors, banners, advertisements, merchandise orders, ... it goes on & on!

Plus I've been wanting to get time in with friends before I go... but I've been having to ignore some folks and I feel bad, but they understand. Hopefully folks can make it out to a couple local shows to say 'bye' before I leave.

I've locked down some sponsors, which is great. You'll all find out who in the newsletter i've got scheduled to go out Monday, March 31st at 10 am. I'm still working on more sponsors though...

The vehicle i'm taking across canada is still buried in snow, which has me a bit nervous.

My Oilers have put together a run that has them just barely hanging on... which means I'm having to put in face time on the tv... The Red Sox play a 6 am season opener. life is crazy!!

Bottom line is that I can't wait to hit the road... do music full time... and catch up with tons of friends, fans and meets folks I only know through email :)


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