Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some Gear

So I need some things for my trek... I went out last night to price some things and managed to catch some amazing deals at Canadian Tire. I'll be travelling with a cooler, cellphone, iPod, lamp, fan (since I don't have A/C), camera and needing to plug things in from time-to-time... here's my solutions thanks to Canadian Tire:

1. Motomaster Eliminator 300A PowerBox $129.99
On Sale for $79.99
This is a key pickup for being on the road and living out of a van... potentially for days without electrical access when in the National Parks!

2. Eliminator Solar Panel, 1.8 Watt $29.99
On sale for $12.99

3. Oscillating Auto Fan $22.99
On sale for $9.99

4. 1 million candle spotlight Rechargeable $29.99
On sale for $8.91

When the most expensive things in my living room are a Djembe drum and the needle for my record player, you know I love these deals!! :)

Also, Long & McQuade can't get this amp in Roland Micro Cube-W Portable Battery/AC Amp, so instead I'm considering Traynor TVM-10 which runs for $145.


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