Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 20: Handsolo Mixtape Release Party

Location: Toronto, ON

Tonight was the most fun show yet. If you don't know Hand'Solo Records by now, you should. They put out the infamous 'Basements of Badman' and 'Cock Dynamics' compilations back in the 90s which featured current superstars in their early days. Thomas Quinlan runs the label, but you might know him as the infamous reviewer of CanCon for Exclaim, Peace Mag, and on & on. His wife, Yoko, also runs Momiji Clothing. Here they are manning the merch table:

There were lots of celebrities in the house. Some that I didn't get pics with include Darryl R and Kyle L of Urbnet Records - the biggest indie hip-hop label in Canada. Paul Gagnon of Yo Jamz and VideoFACT - I accidentally poked his contact lens out of his eye with my hat - sorry again Paul! And D.O. was kicking around too!

My cousin Susan Pape and her boyfriend Eric Warner of MySpace Canada, the Over The Top Festival and the best band ever: Dollarama

Comedian Tanya Wilson, who you might remember from her act with Wordburglar called I hope it's potatoes. She was sporting the 'Pimp Juice' ladies tee I gave away.

Ottawa Kelp Records fam were in the house with Andrew Vincent and Andy Swan (fresh off his Atlantic Canada tour)

I finally met Ewan Mill aka JE of the Maple Mothership / Ghettoblaster / Fameless! We've known each other via email for a long long minute!

Then there were the performers, all of whom were top notch and appear on the Handsolo mixtape!
There was Royce Birth:

There was Noah23:

There was Modulok of Red Ants:

There was Fresh Kils of Mr Quibble and The Extremities backing up More or Les:

And of course, Mr. Wordburglar dazzled us with his wordplay:

Finally the night ended with Yoko lookin' superb rocking her Super Dude shirt:


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