Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 22: London to Bruce Peninsula N.P

On Friday, I drove from London to Bruce Peninsula, which winds through many small towns, eventually following the Bluewater Highway. I remembered this Canada Dry sign from my trip to Goderich in 2006:

We came across Clinton, which apparently decreased in population by 10 people last year and is also home to the original school on wheels. The School on wheels was started in 1926 by J.B. MacDougall and serviced many northern Ontario communities until its end in 1967:

Wind Power near Goderich, ON:

I drove right by the Bruce Peninsula National Park, to visit the Five Fathom National Marine Park and Tobermory:

Did you know there is a hiking trail that runs from Tobermory to Niagara? It's called the Bruce Trail:

The lookout at Five Fathom provide an amazing view of the surrounding park & islands:

The Harborside Motel provided the roof for the night in Tobermory. It's been a long while since I last stayed in a hotel or motel. Don't they usually have a phone and/or alarm clock? This one didn't :)


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