Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 32: Ralston, AB

Location: Ralston, AB

So the drive from Regina, SK to Ralston, AB pretty normal. Because it was freezing, windy and rainy and I was fighting a cold, so I skipped the side trips to Grasslands National Park and Fort Walsh National Historic Site.

As I approached the Alberta border, I started noticing the apparatus below a few times (for oil?). And then the land started to flaten out, no trees, and green mounds (coolies?).

My friends Nicole & Sheldon live in Ralston, which is just past Medicine Hat. Medicine Hat is home to the world's largest Tepee and farm vehicles on the highway:

The weather started looking a little crazy as I approached Ralston, but it never rained.

Ralston is a tiny military base, where marching soldiers have the right of way:

Sheldon jammed out on his electronic drum kit. I was tempted to lay down some rhymes, but I was too exhausted and falling to the cold.

Nicole has the cutest mini pincher named Harley. I caught him dead guilty in the act of eating Sheldon's shoelaces, a personal favourite of Harley's :)


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