Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fredericton to Ottawa

Current Location: Ottawa
Gas Dollars: $122 highest in St. Helene at 1.312

Today I drove back to Ottawa after my retreat to New Brunswick. Within 15 minutes the tour vehicle decided to show she still had some tricks and wanted to show off some lights. It stayed on for the whole drive. Nothing to worry about though :)

So the big story back home is the flooding. It's the worst I've ever seen... actually I heard the highway had to close not long after I drove through St. Leonard. Here's some water pics:
Near the NB-QC border:

Apparently, Moose eat Cars in Quebec.. for real:

When water levels rise, they encourage people to roll their cars into the water:

This poor house was already partially submerged:

Some day I'm going to take time to visit "Mon Copaine" bar and St Louis Du Ha Ha... not on this trek though:

Moulin Rouge has lots of crazy things like Dinosaurs:


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