Thursday, May 1, 2008

Street Team day...

Today was the day to start packing & get caught up on emails... Neither of which got finished. I got through 75 of the 150 emails... My street team showed up and helped with a bunch of boring tasks. Big thanks to Steph A, Laura B, Carly D and Mike P for the help!

I'm a bit scared because the promotional materials for the tour take up half my living room. See below... and that's not all of it!

So a big highlight for today was a call from my old friend Gordie Johnson of Grady. He was in town playing with Nashville P***y and Reverand Horton Heat.

My roommate, Manic Mike, was helping with load in for the gig, so I sent a Super Dude t-shirt with him for Gordie. According to my roommate, he had the t-shirt on within 5 seconds and wore it for the gig. Then Nashville P***y saw the shirt and insisted they get ones too. If you were at the gig, no doubt you saw Super Dude shirts displayed proper! I wish I could have been there,.. but the grind, the grind.


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