Monday, May 5, 2008

Thousand Islands National Park

Current Location: Toronto
Gas $$: $112 highest at 1.219 in Oshawa

I'm sitting on a back deck in the beautiful weather as I type this... a
great start to my south western part of my 100-day tour.

The drive to Toronto was pretty uneventful. I took a detour along the 1000 island parkway... beautiful... but watch out for turtle crossings!

Other than an exploded package of facial lotion, a lost pen and a shredded sneaker shoelace, all is great! Thanks to Rapid Snack I've been restocked with my beloved Apple & Cranberry Flakes N Fruit Bars... mmm... so good.

My first night in Toronto, I caught up with my brother and finally met his girlfriend Michelle. She cooked an amazing roast... I'm actually eating leftovers right now :) And my brother's resident dog, Joey, shows off his ability to lick his nose :)


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