Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday night in Toronto - Mitzi's Sister

Location: Toronto, ON

This isn't a vacation... it's a 100-day grind. no breaks for me:

The show tonight was amped at Mitzi's Sister. Macro Fiesta opened up with a great, fun jam-band type of vibe. With Charles on the saxophone and/or harmonica, I was lovin tracks like "High, Healthy and Happy" and when they dispersed shakers to the whole crowd! I used my shaker during my set! :)

I pumped out a live show (or so I think). It was fun! My DJ (doPi) messed up once, but there were lots of thumbs up for 'Super Dude'. At the end of my set, there was silence, no background music... I was put on the spot and had to freestyle... I was mediocre at best. Some night's I'm on, others I'm off.

A midnight performance on a Thursday meant most of my friends/fans couldn't make it out, but I was glad to see a handful of familiar faces. I chatted with Thomas Quinlan of Handsolo Records and his wife Yoko of Momiji Clothing. And I finally met Warren Campbell of Rubber Road Records in the flesh. We'd been in touch ever since 2004 via Fatkat Animations owner Gene Fowler. Fatkat worked on some rejected FACTOR/VideoFACT video proposals with me.

So I'm pretty exhausted to the point that I forgot my tour banner & jacket at the venue tonight. No worries, I'll pick it up tomorrow on my way to Hamilton... Anyone have a neck or back cushion they want to donate? The van seat support isn't cutting it! To sleepy bed time!


At May 9, 2008 at 8:48 AM , Blogger James said...

Hey troy, email me when you're in Hamilton

Believe it or not I have a travel neck cushion new-in-box sitting in my basement. I was going to re-gift it but what the hey.


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