Thursday, May 8, 2008

Windsor, Point Pelee & Chatham

DISCLAIMER: Sorry no pics yet. Sooon!

Location: Chatham, ON
Pet Count: #6 - Max

It's been a crazy few days... I'm completely exhausted.

Tuesday I drove to Chatham to BBQ with my cousin and his family. His 11-year old twins are newfound Super Dudes! I had a great catch with Scotty... and 5-month old Max the cat & I have become best friends.

Tuesday night I drove to Windsor to meet up with DJ Needle on his radio show on CJAM. Kayyce of Academy was in the house and I met TRP too. We laughed a lot and played a ton of CANCON. The show ran late and it was a tiring drive back to Chatham, but there was lightning to keep me awake. Oh, and I ate 7 hamburgers during the day (without buns due to my gluten problems). In bed at 5 am.

Wednesday up at noon. BBQ'd chickent curtesy of my cousin... mmm. I drove to Point Pelee National Park where it poured rain, but it looks absolutely beautiful! To get there I had to travel through Leamington, the tomato capital of canada! I eat a lot of tomatoes so I was lovin it!

I met up with my other Detroit cousin in Windsor and we went to Detroit to see my beloved Red Sox play the Tigers. It was an amazing game of ups & downs, rowdy hecklers and beach balls. Unfortunately Papelbon the invincible actually blew a save... but I'm blaming Lugo's crappy fielding!!

On the drive back we got pulled over at customs. They threated criminal charges after they dug through my backpack and found an old baggie with a immodium in it. I haven't used them in years... they'll be thrown out soon. Take that ex-diarrhea!

So, yeah, I finally made it to the weekly open mic night in Windsor at Scores Bar & Grill for a little performance. DJ Needle and Kayyce had me cracking up... real fun night! I met Trilla and Chad Martin of Academy. Saw open mic stylings from Mason (ex-Embassy fam) and a dude from First Class (or Class First?).

Now I'm back in Chatham and ready for sleep!


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