Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 36A: Cranbrook to Banff

Location: Lake Louise, AB
Date: Fri, May 30th

I spent the morning catching up on emails and chatting with my cousin Faye. I was on the road by 1 pm.

By 3 pm, I arrived at Kootenay National Park. I debated stopping at Radium Hot Springs, but kept on trucking through winding mountain slopes and even a tunnel through a mountain. Signs promptly warned me that I was now in "Avalanche country"!

They were doing a controlled burn of a wooded area within the park. This is beneficial to the health of the forest.

I stopped at Simpson River.

The Rockies amazed me at first and I snapped lots of photos like the one below. By the time I reached Columbia Icefield Glacier, my mountain photo-taking would stop :) If you look closely, below displays the "Runaway Lane" sign.

Here's the first wildlife I saw (other than deer). I think this is Elk?


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