Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 40: Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: Tues, June 3rd

The Monday drive from Lac La Hache to Vancouver left me completely exhausted and drained. I'm crashing with my friend Laura, who is completely consumed with her conference this week at University of British Columbia. She's doing her doctorate on effects of disabilities on couples. Her roommate, Donald, has filled me in on his doctorate work doing 3-D mapping of the tongue and larynx.

I met up with Maple Mothership fam, Parker Lewis, who I hadn't seen since my 2004 tour at his radio show at CKDU in Halifax. Last year, I helped him out with some promo for his Cancon compilation. He's gluten free as well, so he treated me to some Toshi Sushi, which was amazing! He also put me onto Choices Rice Bakery on 16th & Trafalgar. I bought chocolate chip cookies which didn't last 24 hours...sooo good!

Tuesday night I dropped by CFRO Co-operative Radio to visit DJ Sage on his 'Urban Renewal Project' show. It's located at West Hastings & Columbia, so I got a first hand view of their ghetto area.

I had a blast at the show. Co-hosts O-Dog and Big M were great for the show!

And first time newbie, Alex, hooked me up with a cork screw with a light so I'll someday be able to drink the wine that Jay & Kristina hooked me up with in Waterloo!


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