Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 41: Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: Wed, June 4th.
Total Kms driven: 11,188 kms
Total $$ spent on gas: $1,495.34

Well, I'd hoped to visit Vancouver Island (Port Alberni, Tofino, Nanaimo, Victoria), but my brakes had been giving me problems. The calipers had seized up, which is basically the same as driving with your brakes on all the time. They wore down the new brakes pads, but not too much. The bill came to $285. No Vancouver Island for me. At least Thursday was pouring rain, so I don't feel bad! :)

On the way to 'Budget Brakes & Exhaust', I got to cross the Lion's Gate Bridge during dayling hours:

After getting the brakes fixed up, I made myself at home in Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. I spent a couple hours wandering the beaches and eating lunch with a great view of the Lion's gate bridge, Stanley Park, boats & such.

While wandering the beach, I kept coming across weird seaweed type bulbs. I'd never seen anything like them before. I popped one and it was hollow in the middle. Anyone know what they are?

After wandering around the beaches, I set up shop in my van and banged out this ad that Peace Magazine sponsored me with:

Laura was working late at the university, so I headed there to hang out and drop by CITR.

Finally around 2 am we made it back to her place where I passed out. I've been completely exhausted the last few days, and I'm so ridiculously behind on bookings, phone calls, emails, facebook, myspace, etc... Anyone wanna help a dude out with booking shows?


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