Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 43: Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC

The sun came out today!! woohoo! I spent the morning/afternoon catching up on music related work. I'm still 125 emails behind. (sorry to everyone I haven't responded to). I got to hang out with Coby the white poodle a little bit too.

I returned to the Rice Bakery to get more bread, cookies and brownies - so good!

Laura finished her conference responsibilities, so we celebrated with a trip to this very funky Japanese restaurant called The Eatery on Broadway. The decor was amazing (I was pissed I forgot my camera), and food delicious!

I treked all the way across town to Simon Fraser University to meet up with Matt Chan (of No Luck Club) on his 'Straight No Chaser' show on CJSF.

We had a great chat about life, girls, food and especially canadian hip-hop. Always great to catch up! He's scoring the instrumental for a theatre production, so watch out! Oh yeah, he recommends Bon's Off Broadway at Nanaimo & Broadway for a cheap, but great breakfast in Vancouver!

On the drive back to Laura's, I stopped for gas. You might remember me writing about how in Thunder Bay I started noticing that gas prices at the pump were different than those advertised. That's continued all the way west on the drive to Vancouver. It's really annoying because you don't have any idea what the actual price at the pump is!

Today was the most extreme case, where the advertised price at the Esso I stopped at was 142.6, but at the pump it was 131.4. That's a difference of 11.2 cents!! Ridiculous! To the east coasters reading this, I had to take photographic evidence!

When I returned to Laura's, they'd been into the wine. So I used the cork screw I'd gotten from Alex on Tuesday to finally open the bottle of wine I'd gotten from Jay & Kristina in Waterloo. I got my second buzz of the tour!

I've scheduled my first work-free day of the tour for tomorrow (Saturday)... Plans include friends, sushi, picnics, wine, beaches and if I'm lucky some tennis.


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