Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 44: Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: Sat, June 7th

I spent the day at Kitsilano Beach hanging out with friends, drinking some wine.

I hung out at my friend, Freyja's, for a bit and occupied my mind by taking some creative pictures.

Freyja painted my 'In Awe of Simplicity' poster, and also painted Skratch Bastid.

Then we made our way to Stix for dinner.

After supper, we headed to 'Falconettis', where Zach & Freyja seemed to know everyone! The DJ spun a really great eclectic mix of songs.

I found out that in Vancouver, different streets have different liquor licenses. On Commercial drive, they can't serve liquor after midnight. So we headed to Tanner & Katie's place to continue the party!

Folks in Vancouver seem to like their Tequila!

There was even a dance party room and a whiteboard session, but the real hits of the party were Rick and Jackie:

Finally the party ended and I was in bed by 5 am.


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