Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 46: Kamloops to Banff

Location: Banff, AB

I was up at 6 am in Kamloops. As I left town, I noticed these neat mounds on the countryside. Are they coolies or hoodoos?

I made my way to Mount Revelstoke National Park. The park features a road that goes all the way to the mountain peak. I was excited, but unfortunately, only the first 13 of 24 kms were open. Snow covered the last 11 kms.

There are a few chains of mountains in BC/AB. The Rockies are the most well known, but Mount Revelstoke is part of the Selkirks. Also to be seen are the Monashees, Cariboos and Purcells. Fortunately there was still a great view from 13 kms up.

I was making good progress towards meeting up with friends Nicole, Sheldon and Stacey in Banff until I locked my keys in my van. Fortunately a nice older German couple drove me to the front gate, where I called for help. The sun was out, so I caught some rays. A couple hours later I was back on track.

But construction, fallen rocks and slow drivers made driving slow. Fortunately some sections have nets to prevent rocks from falling.

The mountains have occasional tunnels, some of which were really dark!

I was exhausted, so I took a nap by The Kicking Horse River at Field in Yoho National Park. The water in the parks is such a refreshing blue-green glacier colour!

As I approached Banff, a nice rainbow appeared... unfortunately my camera doesn't do such a great job at capturing rainbows.

Finally I arrived in Banff, to meet up with Nicole, Sheldon and Stacey. Sheldon had saved me a great supper before preparing some bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. So good!

We made smores by the open-fire. Something I needed help remembering how to do. I used my gluten-free rice crackers!


At June 16, 2008 at 5:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favourite part is the pictorial play-by-play.


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