Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 48: Calgary

Location: Calgary, AB
Date: Wed, June 11th

After 3 days in a row with 6 hours sleep, I slept 11 glorious hours. I was en route to CJSW at the University of Calgary, when it started to hail.

I made it to campus, but struggled to find CJSW because all the roads I was supposed to follow were closed for construction. Apparently they're putting just over 300 million into improvements to U of C.

After some wandering around, I finally found CJSW.

I met up with the host of 'Ok Ship Lights', Doug Horner. We chatted, and played some great tunes. He put me onto folks like Edmonton's ID and Calgary's Frantic Artillery and Rank Nubah. We also spun a track from the new Dragon Fli Empire and the More Or Les track off the new Herbaliser album.

I headed back to my cousin Lori's, where her husband made a great meal!

Their daughter Jeza (pronounced Yay-za) is a cutie full of smiles! :)

I retired to my room after dinner to try and catch up on music work... I'm still plugging away...


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