Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 49: Calgary

Location: Calgary, AB
Date: Thursday, June 12th

I'm tired and it's late, so going to try to keep this short.

Stayed up til 4 am previous night catching up on work. This worked continued through today. Main work item was the "Day 50: The halfway update" newsletter:

I met up with the Calgary Pimp Juice rep to get restocked with juice.

Kent, Lori, Jeza & I went to Sushi Ichiban, where Jeza learned to use chop sticks and tried lemon for the first time.

I spent the evening chatting with the fam, reading "hey diddle diddle", making animal noises and laughing with Jeza.

While headeding to CJSW, I saw a bunny.

I met up with Marco Pringle, the host of The Fat Beat Diet show. We had some great banter and spun some great tracks.

Back to home base to send out the "Day 50" update. Tomorrow I'm headed to Drumheller to see dinosaurs and then Edmonton.


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