Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 50: Calgary to Edmonton

Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: Friday the 13th of June

I was a little freaked out by the fact day 50 was Friday the 13th. And other than driving through the craziest wind storm and seeing the largest dinosaur in the world, it was pretty normal!

As I left Calgary, I got hit by another hail storm!

Apparently after I left, Lori had a little photo shoot with Jeza and Kent's new Super Dude t-shirt and can of Pimp Juice :)

I drove a bit out of the way to Drumheller. Home to some great badland landscape, hoodoos, lots of dinosaurs, gas at 123.9 and the largest dinosaur in the world!

Of most interest in Drumheller is the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Several people recommended it. It delves through the history of region, which extends back 70-100 million years when the region was the Bearpaw Sea. There are fossils, fish and lots of dinosaur bones, including real Tyrannosauras.

Also included were live amphibians like salamandars, tarantulas, cockroaches and soft-shelled turtles.

As I exited the museum, there was a big storm heading our way. I drove North towards Edmonton, as big storm clouds rolled in. The wind got so bad that my windshield wipers wouldn't work because the wind would just hold it in the air, until it snapped back down upside down. I can't remember ever driving in a windstorm like that! I headed straight north, taking backroads and managed to outrun the brunt of it

I arrived in Edmonton 3 hours late, but my friend Sarah had a great Indian meal ready for me! While eating, I met her roommate Stephanie, who shared her funny tale of being thrown in the drunk tank.

Our friend, Alexandra came in from Whitecourt. We had some drinks and headed out dancing.


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