Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 51: Edmonton

Location: Edmonton, AB
Date: Sat, June 14th

We headed out for some breakfast, and upon turning the corner, we came across the Gay Pride Parade. I'd never been to one before, so it was interesting and a lot of fun!

Unfortunately the breakfast spot was closed, so we headed to 'Burger Baron', where I had the most amazing mushroom burger! The sauce was the best part!

Then we headed to the Parliament buildings, where you have to watch out for hills! :)

After a 2 hour nap on the grass, we headed back to the apartment and watched a bit of 'Fifth Element' before cracking open the geode I picked up in Drumheller.

We headed to Hudson's for some nachos before heading to CJSR at 11 pm for the first of 3 radio shows.

First up was "Fresh Tracks" with Mother Peace.

Second up was 'Urban Hang Suite' with Arlo Maverick of Politic Live.

My former hypeman, Ill Real, who I know through DJ Ducats's radio show on CKCU, recently moved to Edmonton. He showed up to pick up his Super Dude shirt!

The night wrapped up around 4 am after chatting with DXL and Thero of the Evil Petting Zoo show.


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