Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 53: Edmonton to Saskatoon

Location: Saskatoon, SK

I like separated double-lane highways... I hadn't seen very many of them since Regina, so the drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon was a breeze. Unfortunately no one told me that gas is 8 cents more expensive in Saskatchewan!

It was a beautiful day, 3rd day above 20 degrees on this trip, but when I drove into Saskatoon, a big dark cloud rolled in and it rained. Fortunately I quickly found my way to CFCR community radio, where Ryan Flaherty interviewed me on Afternoon Buzz!

After that I enjoyed the 20+ weather by hanging out in Kinsmen parc. I finally put a good dent in the book I started reading in April - Sphere by Michael Crichton. I made a bunch of phone calls, and ate my salad lunch on the river bank with some ducks.

Around 8 pm, I linked up with The Gaff who fed me with chinese food and regaled me with tales of his years collecting records. He also put me onto his current Planche Training goals!

I ended the night by linking up with DJ Chaps, who had just returned from Winnipeg with Soso. He gave me a place to crash, and we talked lots of hip-hop, sports and school.


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