Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 54: Saskatoon to Regina, SK

Location: Regina, SK
Total $$ Spent on Gas: $1,882.39

It was a warm & sunny day again today! Unfortunately for the 2nd day in a row, a big dark stormcloud erupted into a downpour as soon as I entered the big city. Today it was Regina. Maybe it's a sign I should be avoiding big cities?

I'd never heard of the Safeway grocery stores before arriving in the prairies. They're everywhere, and I've developed a strong dislike for them. I drive around looking for anything but a safeway. They're overpriced, and the quality of produce disappoints me. ANyway, rant over.

I arrived in Regina to stay with my friend Mike again. Four weeks ago, I stayed with Mike, and now my figure-eight travel of the west coast is complete. It's pretty much the same path back to Sudbury from here.

I'd planned to go to Riding Mountain National Park, but Mike's softball team needed extras, so I didn't think twice about joining them. The lack of physical activity on this tour is really dragging me down.

I joined his team, the "liquor and gaming board". It's the first time I've ever played on all gravel field, with no fences, frequent rabbit crossings, and the occasional delay due to swarms of kids on bikes! Regardless, I had a blast! No pictures though. Oh, and I hit a homerun, and made a catch deep in foul territory :)

Tomorrow is Winnipeg!


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