Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 55: Regina to Winnipeg

Location: Winnipeg, MB
Total kms driven: 14,490 kms

The drive from Regina to Winnipeg was beautiful except for a crazy lightning storm just before Moosamin. I seemed to squeeze in between the two biggest dark clouds.

The weather was great when I arrived in Winnipeg, but unfortunately this storm pushed eastward and washed out my attempt at playing ball with my friend Dave's team. The other team didn't even show up, but we managed to get a half hour of heckling & batting practice in. No pics due to weather.

I arrived at the Royal Albert around 9:30 pm just as the storm cleared way for a beautiful sunset!

The turnout was small despite the all-star lineup of local talent.

On the decks, was the man, the myth, the legend: DJ Co-op. I hooked him up with a cloth bag from my beloved Fredericton Co-op.

Up first was Grubbs

Second up was Gumshoe Strut, who was joined on stage by P&C familia, Pip Skid.

I went third. Then last was Deep Cave fam consisting of Royal-T, Big Bear, 40 Ounce and Christopher (or Michael).

Also in the house were the legendary DJ Kutdown and Lsan of Foultone

Kutdown, Dwight White and Grubbs all managed to snag some fresh Pimp Juice gear!

It's late. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, so I'm hoping to check out some national historic sites...


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