Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 57: Winnipeg to Thunder Bay

Location: Thunder Bay, ON
Date: Friday, June 20th

I was up early and on the road by 9 am. After being on the road for 57 days, I wasn't surprised at how excited I was to see the "Welcome to Ontario" sign!

The drive from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay took quite a bit longer than expected due to all the frikin construction!

I took a break in Dryden by the big moose to eat lunch.

While stopped in Dryden I met a nice couple from Moncton, NB who were on a trip similar to mine. Being from NB, they mentioned how it was strange that they hadn't seen any moose yet. I'd only seen two up to that point. Well, after leaving Dryden I saw 8 moose on the drive to Thunder Bay!

On this drive, I made sure I stopped at the Arctic Watershed line to take pictures!

Finally around 8 pm, I arrived in Thunder Bay to link up with Dystrakted again.

We had some drinks, worked on a new track and then headed out to the bar. There was a bit of an after party with new friends Krystal, Jay, Miranda, Missy and Nishina.


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