Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 58: Thunder Bay

Location: Thunder Bay, ON
Date: Sat, June 21st

I was up early to climb Mount Mckay, which is quite a trek. We drove to the highest outlook point, which features an impressive drop off before the trail (if you can call it that) to the top.

We arrived at the top just in time to witness the sun rise providing a breathtaking view of Thunder Bay. The hike took a couple hours and I was pretty disappointed that I forgot my camera. The best I could do was my fuzzy cell phone snapshots.

The early morning led to some naps during the day, but there was a trip to Chippewa and lunch with Rogue of Def Kontrol Entertainment.

The big event of the day was my show at the Addy 227 on Simpson St. The show was one of the best of the tour. Fan response was great... I had a blast!

First up was Derty Thought:

Second up were Leo B Dope and Plan B:

Third up was Problem Child:

Fourth up were Dystrakted and John Suave.

I went fifth followed by Sleep Clinic. They consist of Ayough, Bajmahaj, Nevamind and Miss Flow

The final act of the night was the show's promoter, Webster Death

This newly married couple became new fans of mine!

I ended the night by leaving a Wendy's burger minus the burger, just the buns, on a stoop on Simpsons street. Along with a lighter someone donated to my tour donation dog bowl! :)


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