Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 62 & 63: Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, ON
Dates: Wed, June 25th - Thurs, June 26th.

Wednesday I was up early running errands, and when I got to my apartment I was greeted by a nice gate blocking me from my parking space. Figured it out and handled business until 5 pm.

I went for a nice picnic along the river and saw a ground hog. The wine tetra packs hit me a bit hard with me being so exhausted. Highlight was sitting on the front stoop of Chateau Laurier sippin' the tetra packs. I forgot my camera again!

Thursday was dealing with a hangover, so I ran tons of errands (oil changes, canada day props, etc). I started an inventory count that I legally have to do every 6 months for me to own a business in Ontario. I have to pay provincial sales tax on merch sold or given away as promo. Huge pain.

I met up with Team Flail Strikes Back for some volleyball. We fought hard and finally won games #5 & 6. I take personal responsibility for our wins! :) Dude Super! Out for drinks at Quinn's on Bank.

I finished the night with a shrimp ring with my roommate (in place of the usual Shrimp Ring Sundays I've missed). He's Manic Mike from CHRI in Ottawa!

For the first time in 60 days, I got a night's sleep in my bed... the 8 hours were glorious!


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