Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 66: Quebec City, QC

Location: Quebec City, QC
Date: Sun, June 29th

We took our time leaving Ottawa. Breakfast at Carleton Tavern was nice. We arrived in Quebec City around 7 pm. The 400th anniversary of Quebec City made it hard to find a hotel at last minute for a decent price. We settled on L'Hotel Quebec, which had a nice pool.

We ventured downtown into Quebec, but unfortunately there was a lot of fog. The rain did hold off, but it was quite windy and cold.

We drove through the wall surrounding Old Quebec, and climbed to the top of the Citadelle, or at least as far as we were allowed. It provided a nice view Old Quebec, the river and the old Port.

We walked to Chateau Frontenac for some hot chocolate (it was so windy & cold). Along the way we noticed lots of cannons.

We walked along the wall, and came across a nice french concert. Finally, it got too dark, and we headed back out through the walls to our hotel.


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