Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 67: Quebec City to Fredericton

Location: Fredericton, NB
Date: Mon, June 30th.

On the road again, I was greeted by a nice note left by a patron. He was the one with his tires outside of the parking space... and I wasn't even that close. Maybe he was a big man or woman?

After a couple hours on the road, I decided we'd stop for breakfast at the next restaurant. Unfortunately the restaurant at "Hotel Relais" was a dive. The $8 breakfast didn't even come home fries and since I can't eat toast, we decided to leave. Fortunately the mall in Cabano had a nice little spot, with a great breakfast!

For the second day in a row, I enjoyed a nap while I gave up the wheel to Stephanie. Having someone help with driving makes a big difference! I woke up just as we approached Hartland, which is home to the longest covered bridge in the world!

Around 8 pm we made it to my parents place in Charters Settlement. We ate supper, unpacked and took some time to enjoy day 67.


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