Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 68: Fredericton, NB - CANADA DAY!

Location: Fredericton, NB
Date: Tues, July 1st - CANADA DAY

I treked downtown for Canada Day, where I was set to perform at 1 pm.

Saa Andrews opened up the event with his reggae / jamhall vibe. He was backed by the Celtic Dancers - an interesting combination, which I was definitely digging!

I invited my good Fredericton friends, First Words, to perform during my time slot. They have a new album out, which you should definitely check out! They consiste of Sean One, Above, DJ STV and Jorun.

I hit the stage shortly after 1 pm. It was nice & sunny, humid & warm. The crowd was starting to grow as more folks made it downtown. Another great thing about having Stephanie on the road, is that I have a photographer. She took some great pics! I made some new Super Dude fans! :)

My old Fredericton DJ, Loc Dog was in town. He's headed to Korea to teach shortly...

After the show, friends Martina & Kristian were around, so we hung out and headed to Officer's Square for free cake. Since I can't eat cake, I bought some of the amazing Spiral fries:

While waiting for the parade, we threw some darts and ate some Hot Lollies. Hot Lollies are cheesecake lollipops invented by high school friends of mine, Alicia & Rena. In the picture are Rena, her husband Shayne (one of my best friends from Elementary / Junior High days) and their dog Bounty.

The parade was okay. Highlights included the moose taking out the random photographer with his big hug. An inflatable pizza. "Team Eric" - a bunch of people with a real estate agent. The dragon. And free air guitars for everyone.

After the parade, we headed to Martina's for a dip in the pool, some pool volleyball and hot tub action. Her parents made an amazing dinner for us all, along with gluten free coconut macaroons made by Martina!

Martina's dad, Eldo, is an engineer at the University of New Brunswick. One of his first cars was a 66 Honda, so he's in the middle of restoring a couple.

We headed back downtown, where we caught performances from Age of Daze and George Street Blues Project.

My parents met up with us for the singing of the Canadian anthem.

Finally at 10:40 pm, the fireworks began.


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