Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 70: Fundy to Cape Enrage to Hopewell to Fredericton

Location: Fredericton, NB
Date: Thurs, July 3rd.

We left Fundy National Park and went for breakfast in a very foggy Alma where the tide was fully in. We proceeded toward Moncton with stops at Cape Enrage and Hopewell Rocks.

Cape Enrange is a lighthouse run by 21 students in the summer.

After exploring the lighthouse, we read the sign warning that if there was fog, that we shouldn't be there due to the 130 db fog horn, which can cause hearing damage :) Fortunately it didn't go off even though it was quite foggy, windy and cold!

Despite the warning of falling rocks, we risked the hike down to the "beach". It wasn't much of a beach with lots of big rocks.

Steph got excited to put her feet in the Atlantic Ocean... so excited that she slipped on the rock and slid on her bum into the water all the way up to her waist.

There were lots of snails on the rocks!

Then we headed off to Hopewell Rocks. They are rocks formed like flower pots by years of erosion. The tides are also some of the highest in the world - rising and falling by 8 to 14 meters every 11 hours or so. The rise and fall are caused by lunar gravity.

Steph was again quite excited to put her foot in the Atlantic Ocean. This time only her foot went in :)

We were running late for my radio show in Fredericton and I was tired, so Steph drove again. She caught me napping. So I returned the picture favour :)

I arrived 45 minutes late at CHSR, just as a violent downpour started. I got to catch up a bit with STV on his 'Strictly Hip-Hop' show.

When we got to Charters Settlement, Steph cooked up the last two hamburgers, and I used a couple slices of gluten free bread for a delicious late night snack. We made it half way through watching 'As Good as it Gets' before I had to call it a night.


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