Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 72: Fredericton to Saint John

Location: Saint John, NB
Date: Sat, July 5th.

The van was all packed and ready for the road again. I said goodbye to my parents, and left for the Crowne Plaza (Beaverbrook hotel). I was set to perform as part of the UNB Computer Science 40 year Alumni event.

It was another beautiful day, and I saw lots of familiar faces. It was great catching up with everyone! Thanks to Steph & Natalie for taking the performance pics!

It was my first time using my battery powered amp and microphone set up, which worked quite nicely.

I was impressed by the number of thumbs in the air during Super Dude!

As usual, I pulled out the Pimp Juice and got to shaking my caboose!

And of course there was some drinking of Canada Dry!

Even the University of New Brunswick's president, John McLaughlin, showed up for the show! My parents also showed up too!

Afterwards, Steph, Natalie & I headed to The Blue Door for a nice dinner before setting off to Saint John, where my google map failed me for the first time. I ended up in the middle of nowhere...

Finally I arrived at CFMH for my radio show apparence on Higga's 'Def Republic' show. Gorgeous Geordie (of the Foot Clan) was also in the house.

Afterwards, I headed to my friend Stacey's house to meet up with her and her 6-month old youngin Julia. Stacey was the first person on the tour to greet me with a banner and a gift bag!

I got to meet her dog Wonder (who she claims was named by a 10-year old), her cat Muffin (who she claims she named when she was 8-years old) and her other cat Smokie, who desperately tried for escape via Steph's suitcase! :)

Around 11 pm, we started making nachos, when suddenly I didn't feel very well.. I took a couple Ibuprofen and laid down for a half hour... then I started feeling better. We watched some tv and called it a night...


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