Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 74 to 76 - Charters Settlement, NB

Location: Charters Settlement, NB
Dates: Mon, July 7th - Wed, July 9th
Total kms driven to date: 19,289
Total $$$ spent on Gas: $2,711.47

On Saturday, July 5th or Sunday, July 6th, I came down with a fever. It peaked at 103.3. It broke on Tuesday and by Wednesday I'd regained my appetite and energy. I've been sleeping a lot.

I had to cancel my Moncton show and the Charlottetown show. I am pretty disappointed because I was looking forward to catching up with folks in both cities.

Fortunately I was near my parents, so that's where I'm resting and reading a book 'Painted House' by John Grisham. I think maybe it was heat exhaustion, or just general exhaustion...

Other than being kept awake one night by a mosquito followed the firefly below, the rest has been much needed.


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