Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 78: Fredericton to Digby to Liverpool

Location: Liverpool, NS
Date: Friday, July 11th

I was up at 6 am en route to the 9 am ferry from Saint John to Digby. Mick D has talked about taking this ferry many times... I hadn't been on it since I was a young child, so there was some nostalgia.

The ferry is called the Princess of Acadia. The guide said it was the first clear day in two weeks. No fog meant I had a great view of the Saint John and Digby harbours.

I got a kick out of this dude's shirt: "I'm so broke I can't even pay attention".

I stopped off in Digby to eat some lunch on the downtown stretch. I was going to wait until later to get scallops, but disappointedly I didn't get any.

The next stop was Fort Anne National historic site located in Annapolis Royal. The french built this 7 pointed star shaped fort. It took them 7 years to build in 1600/1700, and as soon as they finished, the British came and seized it by starving them out. Before Halifax was the capital of Nova Scotia, the capital was Annapolis Royal. Giselle was a great tour guide!

The white flag was not a surrender flag, rather it was "The Flag Bastion" - the flag of the French Ministry of the Marine. Clearly a poor choice :)

I also learned about Pierre Dugua, Sieur De Monts. He was the man with the financial connections in France that made the North America efforts possible. Most people think of Champlain as the founder of Quebec, but he was actually a co-founder with Sieur De Monts. For the 400th Quebec Anniversary this year, they took a mold of this statue to give him his proper dues.

Next up was a stop at the Port Royal National Historic Site. This is a reconstruction of the habitat created in 1605 when the French first arrived on our continent. It was founded by Sieur de Monts.

I got sleepy, so I pulled off in Kejimkujik National Park to take a nap. The mosquitos were too bad to sleep outside, so I slept in my van. The Mersey river runs by the main info centre, so I took some pics. And you always gotta watch out for turtle crossings!

Then I scooted to Liverpool, NS for my show at The Mersey House. Liverpool is the Port of the Privateers!

I opened up for a great Halifax jam band called Magnus Haze. They played some Radiohead, and did a killer version of 'What Is Love'!

The owner and chef got decked out in Super Dude swag!

An after party ensued, and I had a blast! The best part about the venue is that they have a hotel & hostel in back, so you can sleep right there! I love it!


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