Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 79: Liverpool to Wolfville

Location: Wolfville, NS
Date: Sat, July 12th

I was on the road by noon. A stop in the Bronx to pay proper respects to Hank Snow is always a necessity.

After driving about an hour on the scenic route to Bridgewater, I was overcome by the urge to turn off at the next beach I saw. I really lucked out, as Crescent Beach was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed two hours in the sun, picking shells, reading my book, wading in the nice ocean waves!

Hunger hit me, so I got an amazing plate of fish & chips from the Yum Yum Bus II.

The scenery was beautiful. 1000 Islands National Park has nothing on the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

I stopped in Lahave at the Fort Point historic site, and was surprised to learn that LaHave was the capital of New France from 1632 - 1636.

There were boats in Bridgewater.

I then headed straight for Kentville/Wolfville to the wedding of my good friends Erin & Jackson. I first met Erin when I performed at the university of New Brunswick during her frosh week in 2001. She dug my performance, and a friendship bloomed! We've had karoake in St. Catharines, Canada Day in Ottawa... and lots of fun times!

Jackson's grand mother gave one of the best speeches I've heard in awhile. Jackson & Erin also put together a dance montage for their first dance. By far the best first dance I've ever seen! I can't wait to see video footage!

I made friends with some folks at a table. I think their names were Clint, Shelly and Fane. Later in the night, we played spin the bottle. If it pointed at you, then you shook your groove thing in the middle of the circle! It was fun...

Then the after party began... There was an abundance of booze, guitar playing, tree climbing and glasses with lights on 'em. Fun times!

While folks slept in their cozy hotel rooms, I went to sleep quite comfortably in my van!


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