Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 81: Halifax to Sydney Mines, NS

Location: Sydney Mines, NS
Date: Monday, July 14th

I was on the road from Halifax by 9 am. I briefly tried to find Revolution and Breakdown records stores, but without any luck. Do they still exist?

The drive was slow due to construction. One stop was about 45 minutes long...

Finally I made it to the Canso Causeway, which leads onto Cape Breton Island!

I stopped in Port Hawkesbury for some Seafood Chowder and snapped this pic of the Canso Causeway from their downtown.

I stopped for a nap at the Tim Hortons in Baddeck, right near where the transmission started to fail on my 93 Ford Escort Wagon back in 2003 while on tour with J-Bru, Spesh K and The Sound & The Fury.

Around 5 pm, I finally arrived in Sydney Mines. Rachelle, Levi & Nikki had a great dinner all prepared for me. Then the Cape Breton hospitality and cheer began. There's no messing around. In these parts it's half a bottle of wine per glass! :)

There were dog fights, in this case between Parker and Cooper.

There was spilled coffee, curtesy of Richard, which goes perfect with Rachelle's amazing chocolate chip cookies!

And since they heard I was a rapper, they assumed I could sing... not the case. Out came Sony Sing Star. I battled Nikki at 'Baby Got Back'... she distracted me with her "back" and I lost by a mere 10 points. We would later battle again, and I crushed her at 'Ice Ice Baby' :)

Genna Murphy, a celebrity NY blogger for the Cape Breton Post, was in the fray and destroyed everyone.

Later, 7-month old Noel awoke, wide-eyed at the sounds coming from the living room :)

And as a rule of thumb, if you pass out early at a Cape Breton party, you might end up with a soiled diaper on your head. :)


At July 20, 2008 at 9:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"celebrity"?? hahaha...I haven't gotten around to mentioning my "celebrity" encounter with YOU yet, Mr. Biggs. My blogs are more like columns. Nice webpage! Hope Newfieland is fun! If I don't head to Hali I'll see you Thursday


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