Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 82: Sydney Mines, NS

Location: Sydney Mines, NS
Date: Tues, July 15th

It was a beautiful day in Sydney Mines, NS. Sydney Mines is rich in coal and hospitality!

Rachelle & Levi were up early (8:30 am) cooking a huge breakfast. I got a special omellette, while they had eggs benedict.

Around noon, we were cleaned up and ready to go... but where... we decided on Indian Brook. To get there required some fancy driving by Cooper and taking the Englishtown ferry.

We stopped just after the Englishtown ferry in hopes of picking cohogs, but the tide was too high. Instead we played some improv frisbee :)

We made it to Indian Brook, at an unmarked backroad beach. I love it. It was rocky and the water was cold, but it was beautiful. Noel & mother Sonya were in the water the longest, although Levi's snorkling took a close 2nd. My favorite part was playing "hit the apple core with the rock".

After an hour, the clouds came in so we took off. After debating where to go, we decided on Cape Clear. Unfortunately we soon realized it was going to be 140 kms on a dirt road, which would put us back in Sydney Mines too late. Apparently Cape Clear overlooks the Margaree River.

So we treked back to Baddeck for a tour of its downtown.

We stopped for ice cream and fresh fudge for me. Cooper showed off his balancing while eating ice cream skills.

Then we headed to Sonya's for a refreshing dip in her pool. I was caught in the act of relaxing... something I've been practicing a bit on this trip. :)

It was the birthday of Sonya & Rachelle's Dad, and I was invited to the party. He requested Lick-a-Chick, so I fulfilled my goal of eating some. The party was fun and I met the whole Brown family!

Afterwards, Nikki had a party at her place. It included bacon-wrapped scallops, which I'd had for the first time in Alberta, made by my Newfoundland friend, Sheldon! She also had 10 pounds of Mussels, but they smelled fishy and everyone was nervous to eat 'em. I gobbled down four anyway.

I was in bed by 1 am, not looking forward to getting only 5 hours sleep before getting up to catch the ferry to Newfoundland.


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