Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 88: Windsor-GrandFalls to Rocky Harbour (Gros Morne), NL

Location: Rocky Harbour (Gros Morne), NL
Date: Mon, July 21st

I awoke at 9 am in Windsor - Grand Falls. I ate breakfast, made some tea and hit the road headed for Gros Morne National Park to meet up with my aunt & uncle.

In Deer Lake, I took a wrong turn, and just went with it. I like exploring at times. It worked out great as I chanced upon Deer Lake days, which a local told me hadn't been celebrated in nearly 10 years! It was great fun with fire trucks, moose burgers and karoake. I broke out some mean 'Busta Move'!

The most fun part was the dunk tank. I took a few tosses, but my aim is no where as good as it was back when I used to pitch!

Vernon Wells isn't known for his pitching ability, but managed to dunk the councillor!

I haven't had cell phone service since St. John's, much thanks to Rogers lack of coverage in Newfoundland. Fortunately I was still able to meet up with my Uncle Roy in Rocky Harbour, which is part of Gros Morne National Park. He'd invited me to stay a night in his trailer at Gros Morne RV Park. The park has wireless Internet, which was a great surprise!

They cooked me up a great supper that reminded me a lot of supper's growing up!

After supper we headed down to Rocky Harbour just shortly after sunset. I took lots of pictures and was captivated by the little fish jumping up out of the water. Unfortunately I couldn't capture any on my camera.

The terrain of Gros Morne reminds me a lot of the Rocky Mountains, except without all the snow. :)

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice campfire then headed to bed!


At July 26, 2008 at 2:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That meal looks fantastic! Your pic took me right back to the supper table of days long past. And I havent' seen one of those rusty wheel rim fire pits in way too long! Thanks for sharing!


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