Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 90: Port-Aux-Basques to North Sydney

Location: Sydney Mines, NS
Date: Wed, July 23rd

I slept okay in my van and was at the ferry terminal at 9:30 am.

I met up with my friend Rachelle for the ferry ride back. She had a cabin with bunks, a toilet, shower and nice window view!

While waiting to depart, we watched a diver working on the new docking terminal.

We had to navigate through a small opening in the port to get out. Somehow the Leif Ericson Ferry managed.

We made it through! This fishing boat drove by us displaying their catch, with lots of seagulls circling!

After some naps, some reading, some entertainment, some food, we saw land again. We docked successfully at North Sydney.

The night was low key, as we watched 'Bucket List'. What stuck with me most was the two questions Egyptians Gods ask you at the gate to Heaven.
1. "Is your life filled with joy?"
2. "Have you brought joy into the life of others?"


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