Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Post-Tour Stats

Live Shows: 23
Radio Show Appearances: 30

National Parks Visited: 14
National Historic Sites Visited: 11

Beds/Couches/Floors Slept on: 25
Nights in van: 8
Nights in hotel: 8 (1 paid for by me)
Nights camping: 1
Ferries: 4

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 100: Montreal

Location: Montreal, QC
Date: Saturday, August 2nd
Total kms driven: 23,962 kms
Total $$$ spent on gas: $3,296.57

Finally day 100 had arrived. I was ready to be done and no longer be living out of a van... I started the day with some General Tao Chicken at Saigon Style Restaurant, and then I did some shopping with Stephanie.

Around 6 pm, I took the Metro en route to CISM.

I was scheduled to drop by DJ Prolific's radio show 'Hip Hop Hypnotique'. Unfortunately I didn't realize the hours of his show had changed, so I got there too late.

Fortunately the good show hosts of Ghetto Erudit (Anzoo & DA) invited me on their show. We did an interview in French, I was pretty rusty, and reminisced about my performance on MusiquePlus in 2003 on Dollaraclip!

I returned back to the hotel to meet up with Stephanie where we indulged in some wine before enjoying the fireworks and concerts as part of Francofolies!

My 100 days on the road concluded, but the trip to Montreal was extended a couple days with Stephanie's surprise - tickets to Osheaga festival, which was a blast!

Day 99: Montreal

Location: Montreal, QC
Date: Fri, August 1st

I spent the day unpacking and then packing for the Montreal weekend. Stephanie accompanied me for the weekend, and she had a surprise lined up for me on Sunday & Monday, so I wasn't quite sure what to pack!

We faced some unexpected delays when Stephanie's cat Riley faked us out by pretending he was going to hang himself off a tree by his leash, so that Rusty could escape out the back door. Anyone who has cats knows that when you're getting ready to go somewhere for a few days, they either hide in the most obscure place or manage to escape.

Rusty is strictly an indoor cat, so panic started to set in. Fortunately after an hour, she showed up, and we were finally ready to hit the road.

Stephanie was up for doing the driving!

It was a beautiful evening, and with me having driven 24,000 kms, I struggled to adjust to being a passenger... so I kept myself occupied by taking some pictures.

When we arrived in Montreal, we discovered Les FrancoFolies de Montreal festival had most streets blocked off near our hotel. After a half hour loop around the festival, we finally arrived at Hotel L'Abri du Voyageur.

We got ready to head out to my show at the Crobar on Crescent St. I captured this neat shot of Stephanie's shadow in the mirror!

We hopped a cab, and made it to Crobar by 11:30 pm, where I caught up with the show's promoter and main act, Second Thought of the Eye 2 Eye crew and of Broad Day Entertainment.

When I entered, the crowd was warming up to the sounds of Side C, a 7 man collective, but this night there were only 3.

Following them was DJ Melo.

Up next was Annakin Slayd

Then I hit the stage... Stephanie was kind enough to be my photographer as I brought out puppets, jumped up on stools and shook my caboose.

Also in the house were Nero & Aspen of Velvet Trench Vibes fame, along with some Shades of Culture familia!

I also gotta shoutout my old university friend, Milan, who showed up. Last I'd heard, he was living in Edmonton - which I'd heard from Arlo Maverick when I was through is radio show in June!

I also made a new Super Dude fan in Lorne the photographer!

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