Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 1: Back to the hotel ... err... Bed & Breakfast

Last November, I decided I should look into booking a room for this year's ECMAs. After all, Corner Brook has a population of 20,000, which means limited accomodations.

After discovering that most of the spots listed on ECMA accomodation guide were booked full, I turned to the tourist booklet I picked up when I toured through Corner Brook last summer. I quickly found a cozy Bed & Breakfast situated on the bay.

The place is quiet, isolated and with a beautiful view. Not to mention it's basically a fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment with a grocery store only a 15 minute walk away. It's a 45 minute walk to the main drag, but only a $7 cab ride - now if only my Rogers cell phone worked so I could call a cab! :)

Oh, and Gary Kelly just let me know where I can find a liquor store.

With that said, it's now 8:30 pm... I'm debating whether to trek out, or take it easy and plan out the next 3 days of partying!


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